Human Capital Development

CAI offers an integrated practice-based approach to enable our partner airports’ people agenda to achieve sustainable business success.

Its comprehensive approach focuses on strategy, structure, systems, processes and capabilities that are critical to creating and growing a high performance culture.

CAI’s Training Consulting &  Customised Training

Succcess Story


CAI conducted a multi-year employee development programme for King Fahd International Airport (KFIA) in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

As a leading airport management consulting firm, CAI’s programme was focussed on creating and growing human capital to support the transformation, commercialisation, and corporatisation of KFIA into a best-in-class international airport.

The employee development programme comprised several parts.

The Future Leaders Programme was a customised airport professional development programme conducted in Singapore, for high potential employees earmarked to be the next generation of leaders at KFIA. Graduates of the programme identified for senior positions continued with the Advanced Future Leaders Programme.

Senior management and middle level managers attended programmes focussed on areas such as leadership, management, airport operations and airport service quality.

General staff were also trained onsite on the knowledge and skills required to support the business.

CAI conducted over 9,000 training days (man-days) for KFIA in total. Through training and development, as well as knowledge transfer initiatives, KFIA management and employees are better placed to grow, support and organise the business.



CAI has been running similar training courses for Chinese airports in the last 20 years as part of its airport consultancy services.

The CAI team has been developing customised courses targeted at senior and mid-level airport professionals, to enable them to achieve sustainable business results in areas such as traffic development, service quality, commercial development, and operational efficiency.

For the past three years, CAI conducted over 1,300 training days (man-days) for airports in cities such as Chongqing, Changsha, Qingdao and Shenzhen.

CAI also provides specialised training to Chinese aviation personnel through the China-Singapore Airport Management Academy (CSAMA), jointly established with Xiamen International Airport Group in 2003.

CSAMA, in conjunction with Singapore’s Nanyang Technical University (NTU), inaugurated the China Airports CEO Programme in 2012. The course covered diverse topics such as network economy and strategic competencies to equip the highest level of officials in Chinese airports with the best-in-class airport management expertise.


Our Service

Organisation Strategy

  • Organisation and people diagnostic
  • Alignment of people strategy with the organisation’s strategy

Organisation Design

  • Organisation design study
  • Human capital study
  • Talent management and development

Organisation Development

  • Competency gap analysis
  • Build learning and development plan
  • Develop senior management competencies
  • Develop airport professionals and leaders

Organisation Performance

  • Implement performance management system
  • Design knowledge management plan
  • Train-the-trainers