Commercial & Retail Development

Leveraging its years of experience in airport management, CAI designs strategic plans to ensure that an airport’s commercial potential is fully realised. Beyond the aeronautical business, areas like retail, car-parking facilities, advertising and real estate are potential revenue streams that can be positioned for long-term competitiveness.

Commercial Planning Approach

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Succcess Story


CAI and Chongqing Airport Group set up a joint venture in 2018 to enhance the non-aeronautical business of Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport in Western China.

The joint venture company transformed the airport’s commercial landscape by using innovative elements, experiential concepts and new product mix that appeal to travellers and visitors.

The collaboration resulted in the newest terminal, Terminal 3A, featuring unique commercial storefronts that showcase the city’s rich heritage, complemented by local specialty labels and leading international brands.

The airport has since clinched several Best Airport awards at Airports Council International’s Airport Service Quality Awards 2017 and 2018.

CAI first partnered with the Chongqing Airport Group in 2008 to optimise the commercial area for one of the terminals. CAI shared its expertise in airport retail management to improve commercial revenue. This resulted in a 20% jump in sales per passenger when the terminal became operational.

The teams partnered again in 2011 to plan the commercial space for Terminal 3A. The terminal opened in 2017.

Our Services
  • Retail management
  • Business model development
  • Retail investment analysis
  • Retail and F&B positioning
  • Financial analysis
  • Design overall shopping experience with passenger flow and space planning
  • Concession development
  • Project and tender management
  • Due diligence support