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Airport Master Plan Review, Terminal Layout, Commercial & Retail Planning Proposal

Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited

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As part of Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited’s objective to enhance its existing airport assets, CAI was engaged in April 2015 to provide technical support and advisory services in connection with the review of the master plan and optimisation of operations and commercial plan for the development of Samui Airport.

CAI identified and outlined in terms of types and sizes what new facilities and improvements may be required in the Samui Airport up to the year 2035. CAI also made recommendations to improve the passenger terminal’s layout to be in line with the master plan after conducting the capacity assessment of the airport processors to identify congestion points in the terminal. In making these recommendations, CAI took into consideration Samui Airport’s unique architecture design, maintaining its existing sense of place and local feel.

Using the data and analysis from the market survey, CAI recommended a commercial layout strategy for Samui Airport to attract and increase sales. The commercial layout strategy covers detailed retail layout configuration and planning, retail concept for the shops and a product mix that will best fit the passenger profiles and their buying patterns.


Samui, Thailand


  • Review of Master Plan
  • Optimisation of Operations
  • Proposed Terminal Layout
  • Commercial and Retail Planning
  • Review of Airport Operations and Commercial Organisation Structure